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Senior Technical Business Analyst, UX Designer, and Certified Scrum Master

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Tips for Streamlining IT Business Analysis

Top tips for enhancing technical business analysis: Be thorough with requirements gathering Confirm requirements with all stakeholders and anyone perceived to have a direct or indirect role on the project and/or finished product. This includes entry

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Securing Wireless LANs

Wireless Local Area Networks (LANs) have the ability to send and receive data over “infrared or radio frequency technology” without the need to be connected with an Ethernet cable (Hamid, 2002).  The current wireless LAN

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Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is a popular technology used in wireless Internet (LAN) and cellular networks (Kurose & Ross, 2013, p. 522).  As a spread spectrum technology formerly used by the US government, it

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Multilevel Feedback Queue Scheduling Algorithms

The Multilevel Feedback Queue (MLFQ) Scheduling algorithm is conceptually simple at the high-level but somewhat complex as one starts to analyze its operations in detail. This algorithm is commonly used in operating systems to help

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Operating System Process Monitor Tools

     Each major operating system, whether it be Windows, Macintosh, Linux or Unix has its own task manager.  Some operating systems may also refer to the monitor tool as an activity monitor, as with Macintosh's operating

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Perspectives of Microsoft Windows 8 Dual Versions

I believe Microsoft's strategy to include two versions of Windows 8 is a smart decision.  Windows 8 will reportedly include a version that looks much like Windows 7 does, in addition to another version with

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